I have no sound with tor

Hi, I use Anonsurf; I have torrc daemon active; with torbrowser I can reach Internet but I cannot have sound. With firefox I have sound.
Thank you. regards.

Hi, I respond to your message. here the answers for the support guidelines.

I use the last version of parrot; I have /home; archi : amd64.
I have installed Parrot with an iso from a usb key.
I have multiboot with menu Debian. I can choose Debien9, put on another disk; but I can also go to this disk by changing the computer priority starting.
I have anonsurf in daemon =1, and I run tor with an icone on the desk, or with the menus of parrot.
that’s running good. Expect I don’t have sound in the torbrowser.
I don’t have any other problem.
Thank you very much.

Hello @brunojoubier

Apparently the problem is in the torbrowser version that you are using, try the latest version of torbrowser, you can download it from https://torproject.org

On the other hand, to surf anonymously you only need anonsurf to anonymize the whole system including your browser (firefox) and all app/tools or only torbrowser (only to surf anonymously, torbrowser doesn’t anonymize the entire operating system). There is no need to use torbrowser under the anonsurf tunnel, since anonsurf works with the tor service.

Hello, if I take a “tor.tar” on internet, sound run except for a few russian records. I try to concept the issues with this story of sound.
But I have set Tor on the system, associated with anonsurf and i2p.
And I look all the files of this system. I search the best protection, setting with the elements of Parrot.

So, the last time, Torbrowser had refused to go to the disk and seek a file. Firefox doen’t do that.

The Iptables of Anonsurf let all IN.
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination

Is this normal ? I’ll couple them with nftables.
Thanks. Regard.

Hello, How can we verify we are in a tunnel ?
You say anonsurf works with the tor service, with both torbroswer and firefox ? Do you know wireguard ?
If I understand, anonsurf is a vpn. Great !
Thanks for your help. Regards.

If you are using anonsurf you can verify it running anonsurf myip and after that search the IP using some Whois service online or just put the IP in DuckDuckGo (or Google).

Anonsurf is a program written in Bash that runs the tor service and uses iptables to tunnel the entire operating system through tor. It only works with tor, there is no need to use torbrowser, it does not work with torbrowser, it has nothing to do with torbrowser. Torbrowser is Firefox modified with Tor integrated. Firefox is just Firefox. Obviously, if you run anonsurf and browse with Firefox (Chrome, Chromiun, or any other browser) will be tunneled by anonsurf through tor, so that’s why I’m telling you that there is need to use anonsurf and torbrowser. So take one choice, use anonsurf like a Tor VPN or use Torbrowser.

No, I don’t!

No, isn’t a VPN, it works like a VPN but it isn’t.

Your welcome!

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