I have problem after update

(mrxdx) #1

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #2

Best solution is Re-Install
Amd for now
Try to boot in older kernel
Q1, Can you getting grub ?
My mean selection part of OS like boot in parrot , advance option etc…
Of yes
Then Boot in older kernel and fox issue

(Eduardo) #3

Same problem here

(Nico Paul) #4

How are you installing. Try clean formatting your Drive and making shore that you reboot and then try and installing that way

(vladislav) #5

Looks like you have either did something with your partitions after parrotOS install either your partition is bad.
So what we need is to get right partitions and correct /etc/fstab file.

If if it’s possible could you type help in these mode so I know what are the commands?
Or if you have a Live USB (which would be great) with any linux system, boot it.
After you boot it we need to find out what’s the partitions. Run blkid. And then we need to configure /etc/fstab file but first we need to mount it.
Run lsblk, and by size, find out what is the name of your system partition (should be sdXX where first X is a letter and the second is a number).
Now run sudo mount /dev/sdXX /mnt (don’t forget to replace sdXX with your partition)
After that run sudo nano /mnt/etc/fstab (or any other text editor)
Now carerfully check that everything is CORRECT. If you have no separated mount points, you should have one or two rows (/ and linux-swap partitions). Take an attention to the UUID 7de..., and with blkid find out what’s the real UUID of a partition.
If it is a problem of a bad partition, unfortunately you will have to wipe your data, reinstall system.