I need help setting up OpenVPN

Where can I find the Network Manager? I looked in Parrot search - didn’t see it And can you help guide me to set up OpenVPN in simple way.

This is a quote from somewhere:
“You can import the OpenVPN config files directly into Network Manager or create the connection from scratch. The setup process should be identical/very similar on all distros because Network Manager is standard.”

I interpreted standard to mean Network Manager came pre-installed

KDE 4.11

Network-manager is already installed in the system, otherwise you won’t even be able to connect to WiFi. Learn how to import OpenVPN configurations to Network-manager.

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In Application Launcher (bottom left of desktop screen) I typed in:

and I did not see it in listings. How exactly do I call it into action? Is terminal the only way?

Right click on the icon at the top right that indicates your device connected to the network. Then click on “Edit connection” and there you can add as many connections/configurations as you want.

top right where? you mean top right of my desktop? i don’t screen any icon there. i see icons on bottom of my screen like “networks” near the clock. i right clicked on “networks” and got configure network connections. am i in right spot?

Ah forgive me, I thought you were on MATE, on KDE then, click on the network icon. So yes, you are in the right place there.

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