Icon shifting in panel

I typically use this device while connected to an hp monitor connected via hdmi,that monitor is also selected as the main display and the layout is as a selected,but,when unplugging that monitor and using the device as a standalone,it re-positions all of the icons,and even jumbles them up.
it doesn’t appear to matter to matter if i lock them to pane l or not,they still shift.

i can understand the system is likely trying to makeup for the screen size ratio,and it’s likely the culprit,but can’t it just readjust the settings in place by shrinking the display down to the new screen size ratio without jumbling the panel?

if any of you have a solution for this,or any advice,i’d be appreciative…
Thanks in advance…

Parrot Home MATE ISO
Debian standard install
multiboot/ NO
hp 14-ac159nr

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is your resolution right?
you can change using
xrandr -S screenResolution(eg 1920*1080)

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It seems to be,at least when connected to the monitor,which is set as the primary screen,while the device screen is used an extension for overflow …
but,obviously when i use the device as a standalone,it reverts to the primary,which is when what i explained above happens.
the device itself doesn’t have 1920x1080 as an option.
so i wonder if i configure the device first,and then connect the monitor and set it to primary,would it resolve the issue…?

yeah it might, give it a try

will do…
any chance of you knowing the properties for the brisk menu?
i’m trying out plank,but i would like to have it launch the same menu as the original stock parrot/solus panel as an application,but i cant find the correct properties or command to sym link it as a standalone application…

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