I'm going to start penetration and ethical hacking

Hi all I’m Arijit and I’m new to parrot os I need to help for starting ethical hacking & penetration I want to know about penetration and ethical hacking because I haven’t enough experience about this

best regard’s

Well you have chosen one of the best linux distro for your purpose. Parrot OS comes with tons of tools and software that helps to boost your Penetesting and Ethical Hacking Interest. Apps like Metasploit, Burpsuite, Wireshark, Airgeddon, etc. comes in handy during the process.
For learning about Ethical Hacking and Pentetration, there are tons of Udemy courses, youtube tutorials, and web pages.
For the basic, you can visit The Cyber Mentor (youtube).
And welcome to the Parrot OS community :grinning: :grinning:

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