I'm Having Sound Issues.

Not quite sure what the issue is, I have another OS on my system and sound works beautifully.

This is an older machine (2002 emachine) and it is 32bit. Parrot is at 3.11

what user are you logged in with?

I’m a non-root user, but if you’re asking if the user has privileges to the sound group, it does.

It also might be important to note that all audio channels are NOT muted and the default sound manger shows only a dummy audio playback device.

n00b asked:
used Parrot on many computers, with speakers/headphones, i even use apple headphone(only one i have), and it works without problem, so it’s probably your soundcard that is too old, but did you try searching drivers for your soundcard in the debian packages, or on the net ? It would help if you give us the serial name.

I have tried the drivers from online, but it’s odd because my linux mint distro, and my centos distro worked with this computer.

sudo lspci:
00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)

If it worked on Mint, then it might be that Parrot does not install by default your required drivers, so its about finding which package is pre-installed on Mint that is making your sound work.

But on Mint, what Desktop Environnement did you use ?(some DE use different sound manager) Have you tried something else than PulseAudio ? It might do the trick too.

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on precedent parrot versions, what kernel made your sound card work and what version caused the issue?

p.s. i’ll release a big update in a few minutes, make sure to dist-upgrade the system asap

So I updated everything, no dice.

I checked alsa and that seems to recognize the card but there is still no sound. Yes channels are unmuted.

I’ve never had sound working on Parrot unfortunately. Plain debian, however, I seem to remember working with sound.

If it helps, the Linux Mint Kernel version that is running and working with sound is vmlinuz-4.10.0-32-generic. Feels like I’ve tried everything to troubleshoot, but my previous attempts were very much unguided and google-centered so I’m hoping the forum here will be of much help. I’d prefer not to reinstall the OS as I don’t think it would work and I’ve had to set a few other unrelated things up and resetting those would be quite the nuisance. Lastly, i just wanted to note that I’m fairly versed in Linux so please don’t be afraid to lay it on me!

Still no changes after several updates. Seems to be a debian issue as I removed my mint distro and put BunsenLabs on (debian) and I have the same issue there… ideas?