I'm Trying to dualboot ParrotOS W/ Win 7

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Hey… first of all, srry 4 my bad eng. well, I recently installed ParrotOS as my main operational system, and now I want to make a dual boot with ParrotOS and Win 7 but when I try to use the bootable pen it simply din’t happen, I already changed it at bios, starting the Pen first and bla bla bla, but nothing worked, is there anyway to install the win 7? THX!

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Mm ok So you Wanted to install Win7
Create New FAT32 Partition by help of Gparted
Download Win7 ISO
Make it Bootable via brasero
And Flash

Thanks! allready make the fat32 step but im stuck at the Brasero step now. Im interpreting it’s telling me to put a DVD to be burn with win 7 IMG but I din’t have one with me right now, can it use a usb instead of a dvd?

Try boot USB frow BIOS.

Ohh sorry you have
Use rufus for Linux

what are you talking about? there is no rufus for linux…

and I already said, I already used it, it din’t worked… rufus din’t do the job…

Etcher is best
But not for Windows ISO file
You can try with etcher
But it won’t work in WinISO
Best And Best solution is Use DVD

#I Always Use DVD ; 0 Errors

Etcher is not safe. It destroyed my USB. I tryed all possible methods including cmd.

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Im laffing but its not funny sorry… well, I think the only left change was to buy a brand new DVD and Burn it with the .iso, well, I think thats all for today, I hope you can fix your problem too, have a nice day ma boyy!

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Search For BalenaEtcher

Etcher is fully safe

It’s mount USB as Partition
Just you need “Mini Partition Tool”
It will solved

For windows 7 definitely make sure that there is legacy support enabled in bios and if you install parrot with “force uefi” that might also create a problem…assuming you have a good usb device. Alternatively you might try just using a windows machine if you can find one to make a windows bootable device.
Hope that helps…maybe…??..

You can create bootable Windows USB with woeusb. After install, your grub will be replaced by Windows boot manager. You must use a Linux live mode to fix Grub. Follow this link for fix boot step