In the home page no icons or task bars

My parrot came with KDE but after installing mate desktop environment . My Bluetooth stopped working so I switched back to KDE again now when I VNC to the machine I don’t see any icons or task manager or menu. Before when it came with KDE the VNC was still working like normal after switching to mate VNC was still working I would see all the icons menu and task manager just the Bluetooth was not working.

sudo apt remove --purge ‘mate-*’ → how i removed mate.
sudo apt install parrot-desktop-kde && sudo apt install kde-full → how i installed KDE.

This is how it looks now after I installed KDE.

@prisoner627 , welcome to the Parrot Security community :parrot:

Removing tmp files with a reboot may help .


sudo find /tmp/ /var/tmp/ -mindepth 1 -delete
sudo reboot

Tried several times still no luck :frowning:

oh boy that’s a bummer try installing again

Oh boy that’s a bummer try installing it again

do you have physical access to the computer?