Inclusion of i3-gaps/openbox?

Inclusion of i3-gaps/openbox wm on next release?

I mean I can install it manually, but it might be better to have it pre-configured at the installation.

It’s a good topic to be discussed

It’s very lightweight and configurable after all, which gives us more memory space and customizability for our own security and development activities.

dwm would be good/interesting to.

Hey. i3-gaps are not packaged for debian, but I installed it from source and everything went smooth. Does anyone else want to see i3-gaps in parrot?


Sometime , i’m using i3wm (package for debian , on synaptic) i know lot of people prefer use i3-gaps , because there are more settings avaible ( ex: space between window…) , interesting project to add on :wink:

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