Information in Signed Hashes

hi there

I found the info in the

signed hashes

as follows:

"also never trust this file in case the signature is valid but not coming
from our official key, that you can retrieve from here:"

I get everytime an error when trying to download from

Can somebody please tell me where to download the official key.
Please tell me the fingerprint

thank you in advance
Somehow that link is wrong.
Try this.

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Grazie mille

not OK

the above posted key contains the fingerprints:
3B3E AB80 7D70 721B A9C0 3E55 C7B3 9D03 6297 2489
813E EFE8 0280 C579 E2A1 F5E6 B56F FA94 6EB1 660A
from Parrot project

my downloaded iso and hashes contains the fingerprint:
0A91 2CDE 87F9 9722 36AF 8B50 363A 96A5 CEA9 EA27
from Parrot Project (2020-2022)

we are talking about security… so I am “frankly” serious…

can I please get a second opinion
thank you in advance

this means that your file has been downloaded badly. try to download it again.