Initial ramdisk stuck after update

Hello, i am new to linux and have decided to start with parrot OS, i am really happy with distro but lack of knowledge to fix issues myself. After last update (parrot 5.14.0) system stuck on “Loading initial ramdisk”, yet perfectly runs on parrot 5.10.0

I am using it on laptop Acer (Amd Ryzen 5 / Radeon Vega/ 8gb ram) and parrot is the only OS.
So far I’ve tried updating Grub, booting recovery mode but none of the actions made any impact. I’d be grateful for any advice or direction to fix this problem.

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“can’t find command ‘esetparams’” occurs after deleting “quite” in grub.

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I have exactly the same problem

Please try go to advacne boot option and boot with kernel 5.10 to see what happen

That’s the way i am using it now, by booting with kernel 5.10 from advanced option (boots perfectly as before). Would be very grateful for any advice on how to fix the problem on kernel 5.14.

i’m afraid you have to wait for patch fix

Do you have any changes with the last updates?
In my case no changes.
Maybe it can a mistake about amd configuration?