Install anonsurf in Zorin/ubuntu

I am using parrot as my secondary os on a separate laptop and love it :slightly_smiling_face:
and I am running Zorin as my primary os but I like anonsurf very much how can I get it in the Zorin os

Help would be appreciated :pray:

Hello. Download the source code from our repository and then build it (all the informations you need are in the documentation).

Hello. I’d suggsest you to download anonsurf, anonsurf-gtk and anonsurf-cli on our repository to install. However, the packages requires parrot-menu.
The other way is to download source of current version apt source anonsurf and do custom build.
You shouldn’t get the current version on gitlab because it’s under development. I’m adding some major changes. It will work but I don’t promise it will be good. Also there are some problems need to be fixed first.

what if I add the parrot repro to Zorin and install it from there?
Or is there any ppa ?

We don’t have any PPA. We don’t use Ubuntu model. You can add Parrot repo but the result is still the same as i told above.