Install bracket on Parrot OS


Hello everyone. Will you tell me how to install lubcurl3 in the system? Currently installed in the system
libcurl4: i386 libcurl4 and all attempts to install libcurl3 via apt-get install libcurl3 system responds:
The libcurl3 package is not available, but is listed in the dependency list of another
package. This may indicate that the package is missing, outdated, or
available from sources not mentioned in sources.list
However, the following packages can replace it:
libcurl4: i386 libcurl4

Libcurl3 itself is needed to set up Bracket.

(Matt) #2

I recommend you install it using snap.

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #3

It’s not good idea but you can
Install it from deb file

dpkg -i downloadedDebFile

at this use aptitude
It will also done it
Remove libcurl4 and then install libcurl3