Install Firefox from Mozilla's site

Just downloaded & installed Parrot 3.11. After running and updating everything I noticed that Firefox Quantum is v58.0.1 but the current version is v58.0.2. Is there any drawback to removing the version that comes with the Parrot and install Firefox via a direct download from Mozilla’s site? The Mozilla download will update itself and stay current with releases.

Parrot 3.11 64-bit running in a VM

What method did you use to install Parrot? Debian Standard

Configured to multiboot with other systems? no

I don’t think that it would be a big issue but i advice against because the built in firefox comes with a certain configuration (profile…) and a lot of add-ons made to make the system more secured on internet. If you remove your current version you will lose all that.

Thanks K_L. Can you explain what that config is? In terms of add-ons I know I can just reinstall those. What other config options are setup?

The rest of the config is shortcut to access the documentation, be careful with the root session i don’t know if you would have to configure the “sanbox” or if it is automatic, that may cause you some problem. I don’t think it will cause trouble with anonsurf (chrome work perfectly with it so firefox should be doing so)
I am not an “advanced user” so if someone could confirm what i said it would be great :wink:

In one word: yes.
Mozilla push out their own updates, as a “universal” package.
If the update works perfect with ParrotSec specifically = it will be added to our repos, and become available within a few hours or days, depending on the size of the update and the workload.

It is a good rule to stick to the packages we provide in the repos. And in cases like this, it is just a matter of hours/days until @palinuro adds it.

So again; Always try to stick to the repositories that we provide specifically for the Parrot distribution. Those packages are tailored for you and your system.

This way, the updates, removals, re-configurations and so forth, works like a charm.
When you start adding software manually, and adding third-party repos = it quickly becomes a problem just to roll-back to a stable environment.

@LilBitEvil great question btw! It might seem like a trivial situation, but it is a great example and showcase how it is easy to “take one step in the wrong direction” and then it is easy to “just keep going”

What a great answer @arahkun!! Thank you for taking the time to help with this. It makes perfect sense.

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