Install Issue (RTX or BTRFS solution needed)

So I can’t boot live iso/usb with my newly built system with an Nvidia RTX card, I’ve tried a number of switches:
regular boot - creates a few random pixels but just sits there.
boot options for disabling amd/nividia gpus, and least error mode.

Then I’ve tried custom boot codes in various combinations:
nomodeset nouveau.modeset=0 modprobe.blacklist=nouveau rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau

with no success.

I know I can use the gtk installer, install the OS and switch consoles after boot with ctrl-alt-f2 and then apt get update && apt -y install nvidia-driver

BUT in my tests, that doesn’t let me auto create btrfs subvolumes for /@ and /@HOME like i would want for timeshift (since timeshift btrfs seems like the only backup I can get to work with EFI/LVM/LUKS/BTRFS).

So ideally either of the following solutions would work:

  1. a boot code to boot into live to use the calamares installer so it can install and auto create the btrfs subvolumes.
  2. advice on how to manually create the btrfs subvolumes as part of the text or gtk installer from boot

As a note, I actually just downloaded the 4.10beta2 KDEHOME Iso and was able to boot into the live environment with no magic boot codes.

Now the only issue I need to figure out:
When KDE boots, I have dual screens, it shows the mouse cursor on one screen but mouse clicks happen on the other screen.

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