install ledger live

I have been using parrot for well over a year and I love it for everyday use. ( you guys rock)
My problem is that I recently started to get interesting in crypto and bought a ledger x.
It arrived and It worked fine untill I updated the software.
I have tried for over 2 weeks to instal/reinstall parrot and have a look online but I couldn’t find why (firejail maybe ).
I have sent a email to ledger but they don’t have a clue why it doesn’t work.

When I try to lunch the appimage I get this message:

I was wondering if someone had a idea?

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stop login as root!
use sudo and figure out how to use tools (binaris ) without firejail!
for normal bins for example firefox its:


on the shell. maybe this help

I ended up using ubuntu in a virtual box to use ledger live.
It’s a bit of a process but it does the job :grinning:

ledger live now active in firefox

I don’t trust this extension.
Should I?

by the way here is what happens when I try to install normally;
Screenshot at 2020-04-06 17-44-10

I have no idea how to sandbox it

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