Install Oracle Virtualbox 6.0 and Extension Pack

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Install Oracle Virtualbox 6.0 and Extension Pack password

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I am facing a problem with the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension install. Please help me. It wants a password.Want password like picture.What should do now?

I’m going to install Parrot on hardware again to see if I can help you with this. I usually use VMWare with a Linux host OS.

Have you tried changing the root password and then using that password with the VB Extension Package?

Type sudo passwd root in terminal

sudo passwd root

Enter your non-root user password
Create a new password for root

Use this new password when installing VirtualBox Extension.

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Creating a root password as I posted above might help you, but I would stick with the version in the Parrot repository.

I just installed Parrot 5 Beta 8 and VirtualBox on real hardware. The Extension Pack installed with no problems. Make sure the Extension Pack matches the version of VirtualBox you have installed. The version of VirtualBox in the Parrot repository is 6.1.26, so I downloaded and installed the Extension Pack for 6.1.26.

sudo apt purge virtualbox
sudo apt install virtualbox

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hi. root password problem. this is okay.
please give me your contact details. I want to work with you. Don’t mind.

Glad the problem is solved. :+1:

I don’t even give my friends my contact info no_name. LOL :rofl:

ok. no problem. please don’t mind anything

Btw guest additions are already available from apt
Please refer the documentation
After, sudo apt install virtualbox
Install guest additions with following,
sudo apt install virtualbox-guest-utils
sudo apt install virtualbox-guest-x11

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I myself wondered about that. The package wording made it sound like virtual-guest-* was to be installed on the (Linux) guest OS. Good to know!

thank you.