install parrot os in dual boot with windows

hello community, I hope everyone are very well and safe. well I have problem when I was trying to install parrot os in my laptop, I have been setting up my usb with parrot os, and also I enable legacy USB support, my BIOS is in UEFI and I disable secure boot, but when I tried to boot from my usb pressing F12, I cant see my usb, so I don’t know what else I have to do. I appreciate your help to install Parrot OS. thanks

what have you used to burn the USB? have you tried using other ports?

yes I did it, and I used rufus to burn my USB, and thanks for your advice

well it is recommended to use etcher

also I tried with etcher to burn my usb, well I have a razer blade 2019 base model

have you tried updating bios?if there is available

you can manually make the pendrive as first device to boot in BIOS

and also what partition is your hard drive?

ok I will try to make manually the pendrive and this is my hard drive partition

this is my laptop’s information

and thank for answering my post

yeah sure,
use etcher to burn the latest iso of parrot (edition of your choice)
and in bios, make sure to set USB drives as first priority of boot
and see if it works

I’m going to do it and I’ll tell you how it was, thanks for your help

well, I followed your advices and look

I used etcher

legacy boot

secure boot


and I couldn’t see my usb

and also in the BIOS

can you change options here?
boot option filter, can it be legacy?

all the tutorials or post that I have seen say that it has to be in UEFI, but I will try it to chance for legacy, maybe this will work, thanks again for your help

well I changed the bios to legacy, but the problem it, I couldn’t start windows with bios legacy, but I could to start Parrot OS from usb

parrot in the USB

I couldn’t start windows in mode legacy

and also I tried to install parrot with that tree options, but it didn’t work

my BIOS doesn’t have update, so I don’t know what else I have to do
I really appreciate your help

well there is option of both uefi and legacy, you can do that
or once you install parrot
update the grub and see whether windows bootloader shows up there or not if yes you can boot windows always through grub at startup in dual boots

Hi friend, I am sorry to responded you too late, but I installed Kali Linux, because based on my knowledge about Linux I couldn’t find more information how to install parrot with dual boot windows, so that the reason I installed Kali Linux, becuase it has support to UEFI, maybe I will install parrot os in the future when I have more knowledge about Linux

well dont know what caused the issue
but as both are similar, parrot could have installed easily and parrot can be installed on uefi easily as well

but I am grateful for your help and your time, I don’t have a lot of experience about Linux, I only have basic knowledge about Linux. But again I am grateful for you help. I will improve my Linux skill.
have a great weekend

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