Install ParrotSec without erasing the existing /home

Hi everyone,
I would like to install Parrot sec on a partition where there was parrot sec before but i dont want to erase the former /home. How could i proceed? Thank you in advance!!

I’m running parrot sec 4.9 edition KDE 64bits

First, and most importantly, backup your /home to a usb/microsdcard (or storage of choice).

Try the installation method/option allowing you to create or choose your own partitions (not the autopartition selection). And be sure it does not format /home directory during install.

I admit it has been quite a while since I have used the installer so unfortunately I do not have a direct play by play for you to follow. You may wish to wait for other replies before taking action. Either way, be sure to backup /home just in case :wink:

In fact I installed all the directories on the same partition

Make a copy of your /home folder and zip/tar it up for compression. Move the copied zipped file to your backup storage (microsd, usb drive). Then start the install.

I see no alternative given you do not have a separate /home partition.

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