Installation Error (Grub Error)

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During live installation i got this grub error, tried manual and automatic partition but didn’t help.

I also tried using GTK Install but its throw “Grub Dummy Installation Failed”

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Parrot Security KDE 4.10
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Debian GTK
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It says you can’t create an EFI partition because you’re out of space. Did you shrink Windows 10? You should be using the same EFI partition for all your operating systems. You make it with Windows and mount it under /boot/efi each distro you install. I have 4 distros multibooted with Windows on a 180GB SSD and have no issues. Share anymore info you can. I would like to see your partitions

how much space did you allocate to install?
the error also says not enough space there

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i tried guided partition on 90GB free space
In manual partition I gave1 GB boot, 2 GB Swap, 40 GB Root, 30 GB Home

Here is my disk details

EFI partition Size is 100 MB
i tried installing in HDD and SSD but failed shows same error like “Grub dummy install failed”
also tried after format the SSD but failed
and i don’t know much about uefi and efi partition

your linux partition of EFI/BIOS should look like /boot/efi and give it 300MB space, keep it in completely saperate drive than windows efi partition [because future windows updates may fuckup boot partition].

i tried by giving 550 MB but same error occur

as suggested as your windows partitions seems to be under efi
give some like 500 for /boot/efi
next 2-3gb for swap or accordingly
and remaining mounted to /
that should do the work
and make sure install the grub in right disk drive

yup my partition is efi and i tried already by partitioning of SSD
even try after formatting the complete SSD but same error occurs

well if are into hassle
then you can try disconnecting the harddrive or ssd (except the drive where you want to install the Parrot) and do the work
after finishing the work reconnect
that also works

okey but it will work if i disconnect the SSD and then install parrot on HDD ?
how it boot after installing both drive

yeah disconnect the ssd and install the parrot on hdd
that will work

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