installation failed in virtual box


While i am installing parrot Os 4.4 on virtual box i get an error at 70% in the installing " look at the screenshot "
can any one help me i searched all over the internet i couldnt find an answer

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #2

You know Best is
You not install
Just live boot and when want to close
Save state
Or if wanted to install
Can you given enough space , and partition?


I prefer to install than live boot , i gave it 30 gb


What is the VM config you have running?


30gb isnt enough for a full Parrot Security install, if you want to keep changes you might be better off configuring a device for live boot w/ persistence


3 core cpu
8gb of ram
128 video memory
30 gb fixed storage


What is enough for a full parrot os installation ??


Same issue here. I’m trying to install Parrot on a Thinkpad T530 and i’m getting the same error message. Partition size is 40 GB.


Follow this exactly:

Do standard install.