Installation Failed!

Having installation error at end of install
installing in GUI mode as there is no terminal option.

external command failed to finish
command /usr/sbin/bootloader-config
failed to finish in 600 seconds
there was no output from the command

Please follow the documentation and check you did everything right
Especially about , and then mountpoints
Install Parrot - Parrot Documentation or also read dualboot-with-windows

But this usually doesn’t appear if u try installing again

I’ve tried everything and I am still having the error I have step-by-step all documentation. For some reason it is not installing grub I even installed Grub manually but it acts as if it doesn’t recognize it being installed. So I did a fresh ISO on USB and I did a fresh DVD ISO. Same issue for both. However if I install Any Debbian and distro and then door boot install parrot it works. Not sure why I guess it’s using the other boot loader.Will do more research. Thanks