Installation failure in Virtual Box

Hi, everyone.
When I install the Parrot-security-4.2.2_amd64, the installtion failed again.

I am not sure which is the key inforamtion for this problem, below picture may give some help.

I did have the similar issues before, but that is a littlke different, I used 32bit image, when I changed to the 64bits, it works. But this time it is 64bits.

The MD5 check fits, so the image doesn’t damaged during the downloading.

Thank you in advance.

Wow I dont know why I brought up networking lol must be tired haha can you provide info on the vm config and specs?

Yeah i think you need to allocate more space.

tar: write error: No space left on device

Thank you, Nico and KidKlown.

The space is 30G, the memory is 2G, and the rest is completely follow the offical installation guide(