Installation on surface laptop

Hi everybody, I’ve tried to install parrot on the surface laptop but there’re some issues with the keyboard, because it doesn’t work, and with the speakers. So, is there someone who can help me with the installation or to run parrot in live mode?

Hey, i have a surface pro 4, with the last iso file of parrot the keyboard should be working. Where do you want to install parrot ? on the main drive or on a sd card ?

I want to install on a usb to run parrot in the live mode and if the keyboard works then I install it on the main drive

Then it should be okay, which surface have you ?

I have the Surface Laptop

Im in the same boat… does any one know a solution? keyboard is not working during installation on surface laptop

I don’t think it is possible before someone do the needed driver and put them in the debian installer. You can try to install using an external usb keyboard. But i dont know if on the installed system the keyboards does work.


i have a surface 4 and it look like that runs all out of the box.
thx palinuro and all the others for this awesome distro!!
atm i am using the “home” version native install. on the internal disk.
i will test it the next few days and let you know if i find some bugs.

secureboot is not enabled
cam and mic disabled in the bios