Installation problem parrot on macbook


I have a little problem for install parrot 4.4 on macbook air (2012). I have created an bootable usb with Parrot ISO complete download.
When start my computer and boot on my usb, i run the installation but at the moment the installation is finished and that parrot this lance on the log screen, a black page opens with an error, it does not find the partition or install and leaves me with the initramfs or I can not launch command with fsck.

(I did not format my hard drive before, should it?)

So I reinstall mac os, but I would like to install parrot instead of mac os, can you help me?

Thank you.

PS: My English is bad, sorry I’m French

Please… don’t do it. :sob: :sob:
Mac is better than Parrot.

You have mac
So don’t install Parrot in HD
Install in Virtual Box , it will Be Ok

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I wouldn’t necessarily say its better, its more stable but at what costs? if he wants to do that he can always reinstall, but to the OP, yes you need to reformat the drive and there are tutorials online and I believe Palinuro has written on how to do so as well somewhere but I do not use mac so I cannot point anywhere beyond that.