Installation Problem V4.10

BIOSTAR FM2+, AMD A8-7680, 16GB, Radeon FX570 4GB, PARROT 4.10 AMD64
I have a crazy problem during/after installation, the USB keyboard and mouse do not work.
My multi-boot computer also has UBUNTU 20 and WIN 10 on different hard drives where it works.
The keyboard and mouse are connected via an active mini-HUB with 2m extension on a USB2.0 port.
When installing on a separate 240GB SSD I had to remove the keyboard from the hub and plug it into a free port of the computer to be able to install Parrot at all.
The installation then worked, but neither the mouse nor the keyboard worked after the installation!
Does anyone have an idea why this happens?

Did you try installing from live mode?
Did you try installing firmware for your devices?

Yes, I have started the installation from LIVE-MOD.
All drivers are up-to-date.
As I wrote, WIN and UBUNTU are working fine and also an installation of ZORIN on an ext harddrive via USB works fine!

It is installed on the hard disk, the GRUB selection works with the keyboard, the system boots up to the graphical login screen and then the mouse and keyboard are dead, as if they did not exist!
I tried it with IDE-native and also with AHCI - same effect.

USB is set to legacy, also USB bootin is enabled

Do you not have a UEFI system? Regardless it should work… Did you try to install xorg? You may be missing a metapackage. Make sure you parrot-upgrade and maybe try installing Synaptics.

ubuntu based could have different pre-installed firmware at boot
@palinuro can you check it please?

Good morning,
Thank you for all suggestions and hints!
I made my first tests, I like PARROT, as fast and stable as Linux-MINT used to be.
But - mouse and keyboard still do not work as I would like them to.
I mounted a big HD Flat-TV in 3m distance on the wall. The PC is directly underneath. Because I use the PC very much a wireless mouse is out of question. So I installed a USB extension cable with an active mini hub, where mouse and keyboard are connected.
This combination is connected to a USB2.0 input of the computer.
Built in are 4 SSD and one 2GB as storage/archive.
1x SSD for UBUNTU 20, 1x SSD for PARROT and 2 SSD for Windows (1 x system and 1x worktop for games). Additionally I have a ZORIN installation on an external SSD.
On this one I have already tried several other Linux distros.
On all systems my hardware works, except PARROT.
This morning I connected the keyboard and mouse directly to the computer and then both worked! But this is no solution for me.
I would really like to replace UBUNTU with PARROT, so if someone has an idea about this problem, I would be very grateful!

ps: the system is up to date!

What you should do is export a list of your installed files and look for the drivers. You can always apt list -ai | grep and search for it. You should be able to install that same driver. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the issues mentioned in my last comment but it should be relatively easy to fix. Your best resource would be Google on this one otherwise. I’m sure several people have had non-functional USB mouse/keyboards on Debian distros in the past. Wish I could be of more help!

So, the system works.
I remembered problems with new versions and tried version 4.9.1.
Booting from USB stick ok.
Installation ok.
Keyboard and mouse work.
Reboot - again the above mentioned problem.
Now I removed the USB extension from USB2.0 and plugged it into USB3.0 - and both work!
So it must be at boot time that the USB2.0 port(s) are not initialized.
Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will burn and install version 4.10 again. I am curious if the error will be repeated in the described way!

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