Installation step Failed (Parrot Security 4.9.1)


I’ve am trying to install ParrotOS 4.9.1, ( Parrot Security MATE ISO ) from a USB on my laptop (Asus TUF fx505gt). When i’m trying to install Parrot on dual boot. But i’m facing Installation step failed Problem (I’m using different drive to install parrot)

maybe you messed up in disk partitioning or some other things

burn the iso using Etcher
follow your steps
make sure you allocate enough storage for parrot os partitions

i have alredy burned parrot iso using etcher, and i have allocated 120gb of sATA SSD. I’m using defualt partition.

if you have MBR partition, you cannot have more than 4 partitions
check whether you got MBR or GPT

i’m already using GTP Partition

i have already finish the setup but know no sound problem in rise and i have already configure the file

Screenshot at 2020-08-23 12-03-41 this device is not enabling