Installed Parrot now my computers speakers dont work

So I installed Parrot not to long ago only realizing the speakers on my AIO don’t work when i switch the monitor to HDMI (which is connected to my other PC) so when i play a video or anything that has sound the speakers on my AIO wont work even switched the volume on my pc to the AIO’s speakers and nothing. but within Parrot on the AIO the speakers work. my question is how do i fix this problem? do i need some sort of drivers? the AIO is a Dell 9030

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run alsamixer from the terminal in alsamixer F6 to select device and maybe adjust volume and PCM settings. After that run sudo alsactl save to save the changes that u made in alsamixer.
if that does not suit your taste, you might try installing pavucontrol. it is a control interface for pulse audio. it has helped me with audio devices which the kernel sees, but somehow don’t function. Just sudo apt install pavucontrol
the documentation is here:

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