Installing apps into live mode

I was wondering if anyone knew how I could install files/apps into my Parrot Security OS live USB so that they can be run in every mode (persistence, live and ram) with the rest of the apps that come preinstalled. Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks!


Yes this can be done. You can either do what I did and use Etcher to install to a USB, then run the USB and use the GTK Installer to install it permantly to an external hard drive. OR if you want to just use the Live USB without installing it, but want changes to be permanant, you can use this guide:

It’s for Kali, but works with Parrot.

Essentially you create a EXT4 partition of all the unallocated space on the USB stick, and label it ‘persistence’

Then there’s just a few command lines to do.
Takes 10 minutes.

Try custom build then. You can manage which tool is installed and which isn’t on your custom build.