installing nvidia drivers now no GUI


im running a dual boot windows 10 with parrotsec it was running fine but as i use the parrotsec mostly i wanted to get the nvidia drivers updated for watching videos etc properly (windows is purely on there for the wife to use her bits and bobs she wants). did the update etc rebooted and now i just have a tty6 log in. no gui etc
is there a way to reinstall it to what it was with the nouveau drivers etc?

complete n00b with this kinda thing so thought id turn here for advice before just reinstalling over my partition again

It sounds like either you didn’t get the packages that had to be installed after switching or possibly forgot to edit the config file after the initial driver install/change (I got distracted by the nouveau pop up saying I needed to reboot to clear them a few times and de-gui’d my distro haha) can you provide the steps you were taking to change them?

how have you installed the nvidia drivers? where did you get them from?