Installing Packages

I am new to PARROT 5.0 LTS 64 bit and i am facing many difficulties while installing various packages.Currently I am trying to install Cisco packet Tracer.I have downloaded .deb file from official site.Cisco. I am facing the problem below :

I couldn’t find much information related in Youtube too so i am appealing for help.Can you please help me with learning parrot ?

Hello. Of course, because you are probably not in the correct folder. See what folder that .deb package is in and run a terminal from there.

Can you please check this ?

@bsal , it might have happened due to not finding enough packages that are prerequisites .
Kindly, from your terminal run:

sudo apt install libqt5webkit5 libqt5multimedia5 libqt5printsupport5 libqt5script5 libqt5scripttools5

and update . Hope this helps .

You’re almost there. From ~/Downloads you need to run:

sudo dpkg -i CiscoPacketTracer_811_Ubuntu_64bit.deb

apt install is going to always go look in the remote package repository for a package named whatever you type after install. dpkg -i will unpack and install local deb files :slight_smile:

Hope that works!

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I think it can not download dependecies.Thanks for suggestion.

Thanks for it but i solved the problem but i couldn’t figure out how i did.
I think activating all repositories in synaptic packet manager worked for me.But not sure. lol !