installing parrot os with full tools

I installed parrot os home KDE as my main
i want to switch to parrot security KDE what i exactly mean is that i want to install all the tools in home edition which are usually installed by default in parrot os security edition
so is there any terminal command or just update or there’s any other way

sudo apt install -y parrot-tools-full

You can always get all the tools by using
sudo apt install parrot-tools-full
also remember
do not use apt-get

Hy thanks for the answer but why shouldn’t I use apt-get back in days using ubuntu i always used apt-get

well parrot is a rolling distro and for system upgrading related tasks, apt-get is not recommended but on other things it doesn’t affect much
apt is a subset of apt-get with more functionalities than apt-get
apt is faster and safer as well
apt-get might get broken packages as well which apt doesn’t do