Installing Parrot Security OS on Pine64

Briefly describe your issue below:
Can anyone guide me on how to image the installation of Parrot Security OS on the Pine64 using Etcher?
Even though I’ve done this process several times for my Raspberry Pies, I have struggled doing so on the Pine64. So maybe a step by step tutorial would make me realize what I’m doing wrong.

Does one have to extract the actual image file “Parrot-pine64core-3.4_arm64.img.xz” downloaded from?:

Or does one burn the image directly? Most likely that was the problem. I’ll go ahead and extract it with “The Unarchiver” and repeat the process. I’ll post my results after attempting it.

These are the specs:

Parrot Build:
arm64 (armv8) 64bit
parrot (experimental)

My understanding is yes you will have to unpack the file to just the .img. I gotta ask though where did you find the download link? The devs are apparently either abandoning ARM support or something because I can’t find the links to ARM images anywhere. Sucks because the desktop version of parrot is my new Daily driver OS instead of kali but Im forced to run kali now on my IOT devices.

we are not abandoning ARM, we do not have anybody contributing except one person. he is a miracle worker, not Jesus. this is from march so I am closing this topic.