installing Tor into non-default dir

i installed tor into a non-default home sub-dir. i.e., /home/browsers/tor vs the ¨~/.local/share/torbrowser/ttb¨ dir.

does installing tor like this mess up anonsurf in any way?

First of all, i think you are talking about Torbrowser which is different from Tor. No it won’t do anything. But if you want to use Torbrowser while anonsurf is on, you can set Anonsurf’s port as Torbrowser’s Tor address instead of start different tor daemon using proxy settings.

yes, you are correct regarding the differentiation between the two. i’m not versed well enough in this matter to express a clearer question, picking up speed though. and your answer helped in that regard too.

wow, searching a bit on your response i’m informed you are one of the scripts’ developers and responsible for the maintenance of the script. that’s very cool!!

thanks for your help!

Thank you that was very nice from you. Yes i’m developer and maintainer. And i’m just trying my best to add my ideas to Parrot

Greetings dmknght. Thank you for this response and really…all the work on Anonsurf. A truly useful piece of digital equipment. We love you Parrot… We love you !

Could you please list point by point the steps to take implement this change you speak of such that tor browser can be used instead of the standard firefox. I was going to ask this question separately, but since it has come up here, i hope you don’t mind the interjection.

This is intended to help the non-technical Parrot (home users) to take the necessary action to avoid the tor over tor problem.

Thank you for all your/the team’s superb work on Anonsurf. You are literal life savers!.

Kind regards…

I don’t understand. Firefox is still there and you can install TorBrowser by torbrowser-launcher.

use Torbrowser while anonsurf is on…

I wish to use tor browser (not firefox) while anonsurf is running.

you said in your reply to Jqdz1q5 “…set Anonsurf’s port as Torbrowser’s Tor address instead of start different tor daemon using proxy settings.”

This is exactly what i would like to do. But i am not sure ‘how’ to do it. I want to only use tor browser (anonsurf running the tor relays, no new separate daemon). Optimally, i would like to be able to ‘set it’ and leave it, not having to make the change every-time.

I hope this makes more sense. Always anonsurf running tor and always Parrot’s tor browser doing the browsing on top of anonsurf.

best regards…

torbrowser has proxy option in settings, just like firefox has. And with torbrowser-launcher, it has 2 buttons: connect to tor network and use proxy setting afaik

Ok got it. I was thinking it needed more done in the back end of anonsurf somewhere. Just changed in browser to socks 5 via @ 1950 and is now working with no issues. Thank you dnknight.

One more question please. Can you explain the significance of this message that appears when looking at anonsurf status

“[WARN] Application request to port 80: this port is commonly used for unencrypted protocols. Please make sure you don’t send anything you would mind the rest of the Internet reading!”

Does this indicate a security/privacy threat while surfing under the anonsurf tunnel? If so how and can it be ameliorated?

Thank you