Installing update makes all pentesting disappear

For some reason the last update I did completely takes away all the pentesting applications. After the update I’ll end up using “sudo apt install parrot-tools-full” however it doesn’t put them all under the same menu they’re scattered about on the entire system. Is there a fix or something I’ve been doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Normally posts aren’t approved that haven’t followed the “Support” Forum guidelines (but then how would anyone in the future see this message :wink: )

To help we really need to know what version of Parrot you are running (version before upgrade in this case) and all possible steps that were taken to lead you to this point (+errors/logs). Outside that we would just have a random event without needed information to debug it.

Making it really important to fill out that questionnaire. This saves us all several posts of asking the OP guessing questions (like below).

Did you make a major version upgrade? If you upgraded from a very old version of Parrot to the newest, there may have been organizational changes from the version you started with, to the one you upgraded to.

When organization of the menu changes, this can make a mess. This is another reason why it is important to upgrade often.

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