Installstops with error message

Two attempts to install Parrot. Both time downloaded Home Edition. Burned my usb stick and booted my Acer notebook from the usb stick. Both time I got the same error message: error: symbol ‘grub_file_filter’ not found.

No idea what this means. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks to all

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Hi, try one secret trick - up the site, on the right side there is a search function on the site, I think this magic will help you in solving your problem.

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Gee thanks granddad, that thought had never occurred to me. Looks like it’s on to next distro. Please place your magic where there is no daylight.

How did you burn your image to USB? If it was not burned with dd or etcher, chances are it did not burn as iso9660 image, but rather a generic disk image. This is fine for a standard OS install image but will not cut muster for a live iso… just spit balling.

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