Instant Deadlock Exploit

Hello Comrades!,

I write again to inform you a way to make parrot OS hang with a simple oneliner:

firejail --noprofile libreoffice --base %U , Replace --base with anything reasonable for the same result?

Libreoffice STILL fails to work properly, Even without the firejail sandbox. This is dissapointing…

- Keepnote has also been behaving badly since I doubt anyone uses it so it should be removed or fixed since there is a TON of notetaking applications on parrot; Examples include vim, VScodium, pluma, Qownnotes. Output logs below:

└──╼ $keepnote 

KeepNote 0.7.8: Tue Apr 23 01:40:57 2019
Gtk-Message: 01:40:57.775: Failed to load module "atk-bridge"
enabling extension 'notebook_http'
enabling extension 'backup_tar'
enabling extension 'new_file'
enabling extension 'editor_insert_date'
enabling extension 'command_basics'
enabling extension 'export_html'
enabling extension 'python_prompt'
enabling extension 'keepnote'
/usr/bin/keepnote:277: GtkWarning: IA__gtk_container_foreach: assertion 'GTK_IS_CONTAINER (container)' failed

You cannot create pages, Modify or open anything. It’s pretty much a useless window running in the background.

It would be nice to get rid of the excess text editors to save distro space, Thank you!

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firejail --noprofile libreoffice --base without %U also seems to hang parrot os :frowning:

This doesn’t happen for me. I am able to use the libreoffice --base option with or without firejail and it works fine.

I would try reading the logs and seeing if you can discover why its crashing.

didnt happen for me either :thinking:

Try updating to latest release @0xff10AD and maybe it would solve the crash since a im running on latest update and the bug you mentioned didnt work for me…


I will open a new issue on keepnote.

It should be firejail problem. It finds criticle activities and it doesn’t allow apps run properly

It is a Firejail issue… Has been since the last release! Waiting for a new release as know body seems to have a permanent fix!

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