Internet disconnecting

Is it possible for ParrotOS to cuts my internet connection? I have dual boot with Windows, and on it I have no problems,but on Parrot It shows no internet. It appears from time to time, but disconnects randomly… I’m on LAN.

what network card are you using?
you can use sudo lshw -class network -short to list it in terminal

does your lan has mac filtering on? if yes check your mac address
macchanger -s
when disconnection happens. probably your mac address has changed. its an inbuilt security feature for all laptops[mobile devices i.e connected by wifi] by network-manager apparently. usually restarting the system works or you can run
macchanger -p

can you give us more details? Such as bad output during the timing from




Something should be showing up in the logs at the moment the internet “disconnects”.

Could be hardware issue.

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