Is it safe to add Debian repos?

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Hi :smiley: Is it safe to add Stretch free and non free repos to the system if i need some packages (nvidia propietary staff) from them? How can I avoid downloading normal packages from them BUT download and update some specefic packages from them?

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It’s not good idea
Amd i think don’t add is better
But that is your system do as you want
Yes i understand you meed for that nvidia


i use parrot home and yet i have nvidia drivers available on the repo. Parrot is using kali+parrot+debian stable repository, so i don’t think you need to add stretch repo.
nvidia-driver/stable 390.87-4 amd64 NVIDIA metapackage

if it’s not that one, you can just download from official Nvidia site.

and your last question is tied to “/etc/apt/preferences.d/” , using pinning for some packages.

edit: it might be using buster repo and not stretch, since it’s based on debian testing

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i wouldnt suggest adding debian repos. we have the nvidia in ours but you may break it by adding any others (none should be added ever, if needing a specific package just get the deb version and download and install w/o repo additions).

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No it is not safe. Parrot is based on Debian 10 Buster. Kali / Debian / Parrot repository contain all of system packages. And system packages are not as same as other repo (different development, maintaining, …) . It means , if you add repository blindly, you can break your system. About this thing, please read
3rd parties can add their repository to your system because their repository contain their own software only. But it doesn’t mean there is no error if you want to install / update their software.

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