Is it safe to add kali linux repo

(Mohan barman) #1

Hey !
i noticed some of the tools are not in parrot’s repo but available in kali and vice versa . So , is it safe to add kali repo in parrot ?

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #2

Already added :+1:

(Matt) #3

We dont recommend it.


i am sure that every tools from kali are on the parrot repo, but some tools from parrot are not on kali repo (airgeddon,kayak…), so you won’t benefit from adding the kali repo. if you still need a tool that is not on either repo, your only choice is downloading it from source.

(Lorenzo "Palinuro" Faletra) #5

it is absolutely not safe and it could break the system

the apt-parrot package has specific instructions to disable and ignore the kali repositories and other well known external incompatible repositories to keep the system safe from people who add them

if you add the kali repo and you find that the system is still working properly, you have to say thank you to the apt-parrot hook that protected your system.

if you want to add the kali repo to install the kali tools, then you are doing a completely useless job because the parrot repo contains every single kali tool.
we have a build pipeline that automatically imports missing tools from the kali repos to our testing branch, and if they work properly on kali, then they are merged into parrot stable.

adding the kali repo does not give you more tools