Is ParrotOS for beginners?


Parrot os is for beginners ?

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This Is Not Related Question To Community
No, Parrot Is For Professionals, And Yes Newbie Learn Linux Fast Cuz Of Parrot Smooth UI
In ParrotSec OS Lot Of Important Tools Are Inbuilt
For Saving Your Time
Anyone Able To Use (Professionals,Noobs)etc…

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I have used Ubuntu without much luck. Parrot have a lot pre installed, so I could just start using it. I fell in love with one of the backgrounds. It was a plus for me to discover all the already installed programs. Then I could start doing things and learning along the way. When I want to use a program I can often find it already installed ready to use. Wireshark, libre, aircrack-ng, atom, etc. Parrot is easy to fall in love with


Its not for beginners. But if you use it for 6 months, and learn what you need to, you will not be happy with other OS’s that are available out there. Read the stickeys, and the docs. Put the debian handbook on your bookmarks and study it as much as you can. If you have a problem, search the internet for similar issues, and try to begin to learn how to work on the system. If you post on the forums, bring your errors, and your logs and what you’ve tried to fix it. You may get some snobby reply’s, but not everyone is like that. Good luck!


Short answer no. @Overmyhead hit the nail on the head. For further reading checkout our documentation

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