Is the 4.4 arm img corrupted?


I’ve tried downloading the arm img to use on my raspberry pi, but it seems to be corrupted. Can anyone else confirm that is it indeed corrupted? If not, what else could be wrong?

First, I unzipped the .xz with 7zip and used etcher to write the img to my microSD. Upon booting the Pi, I got a kernel panic error. So I went back and tried to open the img in 7zip. I was met with the error Unexpected end of data, so I checked the md5/sha512 hashes of the file with the ones on the server, and they are different. I thought that someone might have accidently hashed the img.xz instead of the img, so I checked those hashes too. I redownloaded the img.xz, and was met with the same problems. I’ve downloaded copies from multiple mirrors with the same results. I’ve also downloaded a fresh copy of 4.4 Home amdx64 iso, which had the correct md5 hash and opened properly, so it’s not a general problem on my end.

If it is indeed corrupted, can someone point me to an earlier img that isn’t corrupted, if there is one?

What version of Parrot are you running? [Parrot-iot-4.4_rpi.img.xz] - armhf (armv7) 32bit for Raspberry Pi 3

What method did you use to install Parrot? I used 7zip to extract the file and etcher to write the img.

Configured to multiboot with other systems? no

If there are any similar issues or solutions, link to them below:

If there are any error messages or relevant logs, post them below:

[ 2.115431] ---[ end Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,2)

Here is a picture of the Pi error:
Here is a picture of the hashes/7zip error:

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unfortunately the image wont be ready for another month or so as it needs more work and is not finished. also unfortunately the older versions also are not considered useable either so at this time there is no working arm image, but will be one in the coming weeks.


Okay, thanks for the reply.


This literally just answered my exact problem and question. Good to know. Really looking forward to the Raspberry Pi 3B+ ARM image to be ready and released!


Me too! :blush:
Can’t wait for the final ARM image to be released and take my RPi3B+ with parrotOS everywhere I go

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check out the rpi section at I think the final image has been uploaded, Francesco was working on it all day yesterday and pushed several revisions.


I will check it out and give it a shot now.


Sorry I am still new to all this stuff. Would you have to use all of that to build your own image of Parrot for the raspberry pi?

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Simply Just Wait for new rpi image publish​:hugs::blush:


I can’t be patient any longer haha

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There are a few things here to answer I think.
Once its verified it’s the final I will make sure its uploaded to our ARM image download page, it will probably take a few days to allow for all that to happen then pass the message along to add to @palinuro to do list; you could use that to build your own image but you’d have to fix whatever would need fixing if there are issues. What do you need it for?


I will be patient. It’s no emergency or anything. I just wanted to have it on a raspberry pi to learn and mess around with. Don’t rush anything on y’all’s end!

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Is there not an image over there?


Over on the github site, from what I looked through it all seemed to be everything pieced out into sections. Not a compiled image for an ARM device. But as I said, I am very new to this stuff. I understand the basics of flashing images to Micro SD cards and all that, But I am in no way capable of compiling all the code to create a boot-able image. Yesterday, well technically two days ago when I tried to visit the download page for ARM images my browser flagged it as unsafe, stating the certificate was expired/invalid. This morning, the page is reachable, but once you get there it has the hyperlink ‘Parrot Directory’ then displays the three different build platforms. When you click on rpi/ it just shows Parrot Directory and then cycles you back to the beginning essentially. At least I think.

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If you would like some links to some really good learning sources let me know and I’ll message you directly with some really good sites but you will have to read quite a bit if you’re not familiar with debian and how gnu/linux work. If you’re having difficulty with this though, you will have quite a bit of difficulty with setting up and operating Parrot, but worse you may use it in an unsafe manner and put yourself at risk while not being aware of it


It would be very helpful if you were able to send me those links. Especially in regards to knowing how to make it safe and use it securely.

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ok, im going to close this topic and continue with this in private messages, give me a few moments to review and copy my learning list.

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