Is there an automatic mac changer built into Parrot Home?

– HI, i am new to Parrot and just wanted to know if there is an auto mac changer built into the OS?.. –

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Yes. In network settings double-click the connection and in the edit menu change Cloned Mac Address to Random.

1 # before bringing up any network interface, run macchanger. Careful, this is
2 # not guaranteed to prevent leaking your real MAC address before the new one
3 # gets assigned!
4 #
8 # by default, macchanger runs on all network interfaces but loopback (lo). If
9 # you only want it to run on specific network interfaces, set them here:
10 #

if its not there already copy this to /etc/default/macchanger
or install Debconfig and run it

after installing machanger that is

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