Issue with Qubes OS Networking

Hello everyone, installed the latest ParrotOS 5.0 inside Qubes-OS as a Standalone HVM, however AutoEthernet of Network Manager doesn’t connects at all.

Setup goes like “sys-net < sys-firewall < Parrot OS”

I tried with both Anonsurf enabled/disabled, also followed this guide “Parrot and QUBES” but the steps here are not working in this case.

No tempring with DNS/Firewall/Routing rules. Everything is just out of box.

Appreciate all the help and support.

One way to do this is simply connect Parrot with inbuilt Network Card using Settings > Devices > Toogle network controller > Start Parrot.
However this loses the isolation provided by sys-net and sys-firewall.

I don’t want to compromise the security of my system by giving it broader attack surface.

Any ideas folks?