Issue with resizing windows

I am new to parrotOS (newly installed) I am unable to resize windows from bottom left and right, however I can resize windows from top left and right corner and also I can maximize it. I am not sure if it is intended or a bug I am facing.

I am running 4.19.0-parrot1-13t-amd64

I installed it using Debian Standard, withuot an erros etc

It’s not a bug :+1:.
This thing is same & common in all parrot

The problem still exists in the MATE version of Parrot (currently 4.6) and is really annoying to me.
A workaround (I wouldn’t call it solution) for the problem can be found in the following thread:

Another solution is to use the KDE version of Parrot. I have tested it using Parrot 4.6 KDE Edition. Windows can be resized successfully using the mouse on all 4 edges and all 4 corners of the window.

I’m not sure if the origin of the problem is the MATE desktop. The problem does not occur for example in Linux Mint (19.2), which is currently using MATE v1.22.0 (though Parrot currently uses MATE v1.20.4).

It would be great to hear the opinion of the Parrot developers on this topic.

I run Debian on one laptop & Parrot OS on another both with Mate desktop, and resizing of windows on Debian Mate just drag to size works perfectly from all 4 corners, so why not the same in Parrot OS ?
Yes I use the alt + right mouse button but it is a pain to be honest :slight_smile:

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The issue is fixed now in parrot 4.7.
It’s possible to resize windows from all 4 edges and corners now.