issues installing cyberghost on openvn

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ok i been at it for a few hours not sure why i have so much issues iwth getting anything to grab outside of the distro like openvn or network manager . im not the greatest on linux but im getting there… here is there install notes but its not working for me… any help would be greatful.,. thank you for reading…

RETTY_NAME=“Parrot GNU/Linux 4.6”
NAME=“Parrot GNU/Linux”
i use normal method to install , the only thing i dont recall is i m not 100% sure i instaled mirror i dont recall it asking me about mirror… like the previous versions… but im not sure im gonna look furture…
for install i used live cd using the commands sudo apt-get update , apt-get upgrades apt-get full-upgrade , apt-get full-distro,

You have to login on their website and add an “other sysem”. I think that button has a little penguin on it. Set a name for the new device and use the openvpn config setting. Fill in what is nedded and finally you can download a cyberghost folder containing:

  • ca.crt
  • client.crt
  • client.key
  • openvpn.ovpn

importing the openvpn.opvn file in the network manager should do the trick.

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