Issues with default installation of gdb

  • Parrot version in use 4.11

  • Kernel version 5.10.0-5parrot1-amd64

  • Logs/Terminal output Python scripting is not supported in this copy of GDB. ~/.gdbinit file is sourcing file. gef is gdb addon to enhance user experience on gdb
    default gdb in parrot os seems to be different then the one we get by apt-get install. the one with apt-get install seems to work fine with addon as well. Please look into this.

sorry i don’t understand what are you doing and what issue you are having

I tried using extension of gdb but it did not work and gave me an error message that python scripting is not supported in this copy of gdb. This was the problem. However after rtrying some stuff i just uninstalled gdb and reinstalled it with sudo apt-get install gdb command. and this gdb worked fine addons like So my question was why is this happening? what is different in the gdb that comes as default with parrot os