It is hurting my eyes and I can figure out what this is?

Can someone tell what symbol is this, it keeps on appearing on my parrot os and I am not able to remove it, It is somehow keeping m location and tinting my screen into kind of a night mode or a reading mode.
any ideas on how to remove this or something like it because I am not able to force quit it, or permanently remove it

Please read this

And this:

P/s: idk why but it was just enabled after the update for no reason.

Sorry, posted this under another comment. Brand new. lol:
Not seeing redshift in xdg, but a cheap way to rig it and prevent it from running is opening /usr/share/bin as root and rename the file. When you restart, the program will not run. Hope someone comes up with the correct answer, though.

Use Synaptic to remove it properly or

sudo apt remove redshift redshift-gtk