Join the QA/Testing Team

Members of the QA/Testing Team have the opportunity to directly contribute and help improve the quality of the operating system by testing prototypes and pre-release versions of the software. In coordination with the Dev Team, members will collaborate on release candidates of Parrot Security, Home, and ARM editions, in addition to relevant tools and packages.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with team members to test release candidates of Parrot Security, Home, and ARM editions
  • Actively submit comments, suggestions, and results from tests you have conducted
  • Work remotely with team members with QA/testing and prepare reports on release candidates


  • Familiarity with the Parrot operating system and Linux in general
  • Experience with troubleshooting, QA Testing, and testing of other open source software
  • Available 1-3 hours on a weekly basis, more or less depending on what releases are in the works
  • Some ability in English preferred


  • Experience in open source development and the Linux operating system
  • Support the Parrot Project and help improve user experience

Those interested can apply to the QA/Testing Team forum group here (remember to include an introduction). There will be regular team meetings set up in the near future and we will do our best to work around time zones and people’s schedules.

If you have any questions or comments please post them here in this thread.


I’m a parrot user since parrot sec 2.0 & I’m really like to help Lorenzo other hand it is matter for proud to me but unfortunately I can’t work as a QA Tester because my A/L exam . By the way I can work as a QA Tester after agust month because my exam will over after agust month. So @paal what I do now?

I suggest waiting until you have the time.


Okay :unamused: :cry:

although somewhat a noob at linux, (mainly ubuntu, some kali) i’d like to try this as a format for a gaming system with enhanced privacy features. (as i’m not quite liking what i’m seeing in the M.$. area of things) what i’m thinking of doing is starting with the existing builds, seeing how steam runs, if i need to run something such as wine with steam. maybe with that alongside the enhanced security that this has with communications… i may be able to build a better gaming system for the community (well mainly for my paranoid behind).

What level of experience are you looking for here? Is coding skills essential or anything else similar?

Testing experience is a plus in addition to general debugging of Linux/GNU-stuff.

Plus memes.