Just updated and now it won't boot

So I installed the newest version last week. All went well. I set everything up, fixed all the little things I hated etc. The automatic updater popped up and I stupidly agreed to it updating my system. It took forever and when I restarted I could not reach a desktop.

Some notes:

Before the update everything was great!

The boot will take me as far as the unlock for the SDA5_CRYPT password. I enter that password and it accepts it happily then shows a black screen. In the upper left corner there is a little cursor but it won’t go any farther.

I hit crtl/alt/del and it will show the Parrot background and restart.

I really like the OS and I hope I don’t have to format and start over since I just got set up after doing all of that. I will provide any info needed to get this baby back up and running. If possible please give me detailed directions on how to get the info that is needed to figure this out.


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Can you go to recovery mode?

I just fixed it… This is what I did.
I restarted.
Hit ctrl alt f3
Sudo update - - Parrot
It did the whole process and rebooted like normal.

I probably should have tried that first but it was a super easy fix so maybe it will help someone else.

great work bro.! most people get frzen in fear witb 'nix cuz theyre afraind they’ll fatally beeaksometging or cause similar tyoe corruotion kernel and/critical lubs, systemd, etc.

this happens consistently throughout glinux flavors/distros. impressive u got ur desktop/home folder back. during kernel-type - full-upgrade, this is a common tging ad many see it as just another . filesthat have a very similar rountines.

if i may, only to avoid a tremendous time epenerror through my . :slight_smile:

Mods, please forgive me if this is not allowed here. i will hppily remove the link
i juz found this to be written well, thorough and clearly for ben n00b.

again, great job

I also had the same issue (When i upgrade my system and reboot is stucks on a blackscreen) and so I tried the commands, it worked!! Thanks bro :grin:

Ha! That’s great! Glad to help.

Yeah… I’m not scared to break that shit. Just lazy. I don’t want to have to re-set it all up.

I had this problem as well earlier tonight, the first time I’ve had issues upgrading Parrot.
I thought it might have been because I added Debian testing to my sources file for some packages that weren’t installing due to missing dependencies.

I ended up selecting ‘advanced,’ then ‘recovery mode’ from the GRUB menu and trying apt-get install -f – it proceeded to fix itself and mercifully boot to the desktop again following that.

Hopefully this and the above helps the next person who encounters this issue :sweat_smile: